What it Means to Have Drive

My specialty is to take you from dream to DONE.

I like to think of it in this way, your Dreams = Persistence + Drive

I love talking about drive. I think it’s the most essential differentiator between those who dream and those who do. But the concept can sound elusive, so I’ve decided to break it down for you.

Here is what I mean by DRIVE:

D: Determination

Determination is defined as “the ability to continue trying to do something, even if it is difficult”. Personally, having determination keeps me in control and motivated to continue along the path of achieving my long term goals. Without that, I just would not be able to push through and keep moving forward when times start to get tough. It’s important to know what gives you that determination to keep going, it’s important to figure out your WHY.  Constantly remind yourself of that answer when you are faced with adversity or a challenging situation.

The reason why I continue pursuing my long term goal after many years and after countless setbacks and challenges throughout my journey is remembering what made me determined to keep going. I’ve had different goals in my journey as an entrepreneur, but now, my reason for doing what I do is for the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better and seeing the transformation happen in front of my own eyes. That’s what keeps me determined in continuing to go after that long term goal that I want to achieve even though the future is uncertain and that anything can happen.

R: Resilience

I have never met a successful person that didn’t go through seasons of gruelling hardship. Resilience is the virtue that enables people to move from one hardship to the next, and with every setback, they become better. No one escapes pain, fear and struggle, even though it may seem like they course through life. But in my experience, I’ve seen people learn from pain and gain wisdom, I’ve seen them overcome fear and gain courage, endure suffering and emerge with strength. All of this is only possible with resilience.

A lot of people misunderstand what’s at work in resilience. It’s not about “bouncing back.” You will never be the same person after “enter your own personal hardship here.” You will change, and evolve for the better. Resilient people are able to integrate hard experiences into their lives in a way that makes them stronger, more wise, and more successful.

I: Integrity

Integrity is your choice of values and resolution to live by those values that form your character and personality.  I consider this one the most important of all, because it is integrity that enhances all your other values. The quality of person you are is determined by how well you live up to the values that are most important to you. 

Integrity is the foundation of character. A person who has integrity also has an unblemished character in every area of his or her life. One of the most important activities you can engage in, is developing your character. And one of the best ways to develop your character is by consistently doing the same things that a thoroughly honest person would do in every area of his or her life. It may seem like people can gain power quickly and easily if they are willing to cut corners and act without the constraints of a value system. Dishonesty may provide instant gratification in the moment but it will never last.

The key to acting with integrity is to understand what your personal values are and then to be true to those values with every decision you make.

We live in a world where integrity isn’t talked about nearly enough. Too often, “the end justifies the means” has become an acceptable school of thought. The truth is that integrity in business is an essential ingredient for sustainable, long-term, business growth and success. It can be hard to define and difficult to measure, but you know it when you see it, and it’s clear when it’s not there.

The extra benefit to living with integrity is that others respect you. They trust you more and are more likely to want to be in relationship with you. Success will come and go, but integrity is forever.

V: Velocity

Velocity is what propels you forward. Goal setting can be a great way to clarify your focus, measure progress and track achievements. It keeps you from stagnation. Even for the most successful people, goals also present an opportunity to push the lines of one’s comfort zone. A lot of what you do as an entrepreneur will seem routine; there are a variety of daily tasks that will need to be accomplished to keep your business running smoothly.

The more effective you are when it comes to completing the day-to-day business management tasks, the more potential your dream has for greater success. You can boost your productivity by developing systems to streamline these processes.

E: Effort

You have to make the effort! If you’re not taking actionable steps to accomplish your dream, it simply won’t get done. Nobody is going to do the hard work for you. Nobody has the same vision as you. So ultimately, the buck stops with you! We often look at people we consider successful and wonder how they made it happen. And while it’s easy to pin success on, they are just one part of the story. If you want to turn your dreams into your reality, consistent effort is vital.

Putting in effort every day is more important than any natural strengths you might have. On top of that, the grit you exhibit as you work toward success will cause you to learn new skills and build on that natural talent. All the talent in the world won’t help you if you give up. All the luck in the universe won’t matter if you don’t seize the opportunities you are presented. Your dream won’t work if YOU don’t!

Find your drive. Live and breathe your drive. And before you know it, you’ll be living the life you always dreamed of, and you’ll be dreaming even BIGGER.