Official Bio

Sherri Lee is an insightful serial entrepreneur with a lot of grit. She has spent the past 20 years starting, managing, and selling multi-million-dollar businesses. Her creativity and determination have led to success after success, building a wealth of entrepreneurial know-how. Her deep passion for a life well-lived has brought her full circle; Sherri Lee Consulting was started to help other women find deeper purpose through their own business ventures.

Her empathy and vulnerability is driven by real-world business experience and highly reassuring to her clients. Sherri brings the down-to-earth approach to growth that comes with many failures and even more successes. Her clients are often traveling the paths of personal development and entrepreneurship she knows well from her own travels.

Diving into four successful startups over the past two decades, Sherri hasn’t taken a traditional path to the status of successful businesswomen. Instead, her education came from the school of hard knocks. Deep pride in her accomplishments has fueled Sherri’s coaching.

Sherri calls herself a bit of a hippie at heart, and her sunny personality certainly lights up the room. Her love for the mountains, beach, and all things nature have influenced the grounded perspective that permeates her sage business advice. Her free time is dedicated to her farm and children—and, her round-the-clock work ethic is hard to match. Sherri helps her clients learn how to juggle the demands of life during the highs and lows they are bound to face.

Sherri’s coaching style is direct, but filled with contagious positivity. She cuts straight to the heart of the issue, helping her clients recenter on their dreams with intense persistence. She demands her clients dig deep to discover the underlying motivation that will keep them on the path to success.

For Sherri, life is about so much more than just earning a living and getting by. Through her own business achievements, she has recognized that true success comes from the joy of fulfilling personal dreams—even if that means taking the path less traveled.

Topics of Expertise

Sherri Lee is available for coaching sessions, inspirational speaking engagements, and virtual courses, covering topics like:

How to Discover and Pursue Your Dreams

Are you putting in the time without assessing your motivations? Find the path to a more fulfilling life by asking yourself the hard questions that get to the heart of what you really want. Define your drive and be persistent until you are successful in pursuing your dream. With every dream done, define your next goal and realign your sights. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Practicing Daily Acts of Motivation

Life hits hard, but you don’t have to sit back and take it—hit back! As you juggle the demands of life with the pursuit of your dream, finding balance will be a challenge. Burnout is a threat to your success and joy. Removing motivation-killers and distractions from your life will help reduce unnecessary stress that leads to burnout. Pursuing daily acts of motivation will keep you on track in pursuing the life you truly want.

Pivoting from Failure

There is no question you will hit a roadblock at some point. You WILL get knocked down, so plan for it. Failure brings feelings of embarrassment and frustration. The real test is how you choose to move forward. Many people get knocked on their face and take it as a sign they should stop. But, true grit reaps the biggest rewards. Dreams equal persistence.

Developing Momentum for Success

It takes a lot of drive and sacrifice to get to a place of success. Your dream might seem like an insurmountable feat. But, every large process can be broken down into small and manageable steps. The journey towards transformation seems daunting until you develop a system that keeps the ball rolling in the right direction. And then, like a snowball on a ski slope, your momentum becomes an unstoppable force as it picks up steam.

The Lie of Your 9-5

SO MANY people think they NEED to stay in the job they hate. They are spending every day doing something they dread! “What about my family and bills? I have no choice—I have to stick with it,” they tell themselves. But, you ALWAYS have choices! Don’t believe the lie of your 9-5. You can pursue a dream and persist until it becomes a reality. Find out how to escape from the job you hate and find the job that brings you joy.

How to Avoid Freezing from Overwhelm

Stress and anxiety can creep up and cause a state of overwhelm. This drains your creative juices and can paralyze your decision making. This often occurs if you are on the path to burnout, but it isn’t the same thing. Overwhelm occurs when you are trying to handle too much and have a lot on your plate. It can be caused by emotional overload, financial concerns, and physical strain. Learning to move past the state of overwhelm is more crucial now than ever with the unpredictable nature of current times.

The 5 Steps of DRIVE

To get to dream=done, you will need DRIVE. Learn the five steps to approach your dream with determination, resilience, and more. You need to let your inner motivation shine through as a guide, helping you push towards your higher goals. You will be tempted to relax your grip and allow your mind to wander. But the only way to complete your dream is with your foot on the peddle and your gear set to DRIVE.