Case Studies

I am an advocate for your growth and your biggest fan!

My coaching is highly personalized, based on YOUR needs. I spot your potential, and support you in unlocking it and seeing it for yourself. When we work together, you will have a safe, and judgement-free space to explore the depths of your dreams, push beyond your comfort zone, and reach your full potential.

The best way to understand how I can help YOU, is by hearing from my clients and their stories.

Sherri is your go to person when you need motivation and excitement to get the task done

“Sherri is a name everyone remembers! She has clever ways of thinking outside the box, and generating new thought processes to overcome issues or learn new concepts. Sherri can work with people of any age and explain things in a way that makes sense to them.”
Jenn Veldhuisen

Sherri helps me see my blind spots, she’s always there when I need her

“I have known Sherri Lee for about 20 years. I’ve seen her take on and complete many projects, and she marks her work with excellence. She is determined and focused, but is always a source of encouragement to me with her generous, caring heart. I would highly recommend Sherri as a coach.”

Megan Seymour

Sherri provides clarity in a loud world, and has helped me tap into possibilities I never thought imaginable

“Sherri is a wealth of knowledge. As a leader she is generous with her knowledge and constructively truthful in her praise. As my coach she taught me to think outside the box and to listen to my heart whenever my head started over thinking things. She is one of the best in the business.”
Sara Kelly

She has helped reinforce the importance of 'staying in your lane' and not allowing yourself to be distracted by what others are doing

“Sherri has a great energy. She is hardworking and dedicated to everything that she takes on. She has helped me refine my business plan by encouraging me to focus on my talents and gifts and also to be clear on what my intentions are as a business owner. She has strategies on how to stay positive and motivated when things are difficult and inspired me to set goals and always be working towards achieving them.”

Jill Gardner


Sherri always knows the answers and gives the best advice - she tells it to you like it is!

“Sherri has the best positive energy which is why I was drawn to her. She’s an amazing life coach, and I hope she can help and teach more women to be as beautiful inside and out as she is.”
Carly Young