Ignite your Drive And Discover Your Destiny

Hi! I’m Sherri Lee,

and I know you can do this!

I’m a life strategist, entrepreneur, mother, and farm owner who’s passionate about dismantling the idea that living your best life involves a plan that was not designed with you in mind!

Over the last 20 years, I’ve launched and sold multi-million dollar businesses, raised and loved on my two amazing kids, and sold my fancy dream home to buy our own little farm. I was raised by my dad between the beaches of California and the Canadian ski slopes, so good luck hurting my feelings or keeping up with my energy.

I’m well aware that my transition through life sounds seamless and effortless when abbreviated but trust me- it was nothing more than hard work, determination, and the ever-present push that I could have it all that led me through and out of personal and professional setbacks.

What I do works because I work.
It’s not luck or magic or even a world-class education.
It’s replicable, simple, and effective as long as you’ll work right alongside me.

It’s time to ditch the gurus who promise it all within a one-size-fits-all package. Your dreams are just that – yours! Let’s work together on a proven, personal path, and plan of action.


I create personal, practical roadmaps that abolish the mindset hurdles distracting and distancing you from designing and driving your absolute best life.

Stop listening to the naysayers who say it’s impossible to have it all.

Stop trusting the “gurus” who believe in a blanket approach to your dream life.

I’m not your average life strategist.

But I know that you have the power to transform your life.
To improve your life.
To LOVE your life.

You may not believe me right now– and that’s okay. That’s what happens when the world tells you for years upon years that you cannot do something. But they’re so wrong. Let’s work together to connect your strengths to your vision. Let’s transform your life.

Ready to join the community of individuals who use my DRIVE tools to create tremendous change and impact?