The difference between those who dream and those who do is drive.

Find your drive!

Have you lost your way?

Stop spinning your wheels, trying to DIY a plan toward your ideal life.

Yes- it is possible!

But it will require a personal and purposeful heart and soul search.

Turn your keys over to me – it’s time to transform your life and reignite your purpose.


Sherri has an incredible gift

Sherri Lee is a name everyone remembers once you meet her big personality. Sherri is your go to person when you need motivation and excitement to get the task done. Her clever ways of thinking outside the box, generates new thought processes for anyone to overcome issues or learning new concepts. Sherri has an incredible gift working with people of
all ages, explaining and teaching things that make sense to them. She has a way to making others want to engage their full attention to what she has to say, not only making it fun but understandable.

Jenn Veldhuisen 

Your dream life

is not impossible!

Newsflash: you’ve been lied to by:

Anyone whoever told you that you wanted too much. That your dreams were too much. That you were too much.

Here’s the truth: you can have it all.

It’s just that your vision of having it all is going to be drastically different than mine.

Or your best friend’s.

Or your business partners.

And that’s really what has been holding you back.

A blanket, one-size-fits-all solution is never going to free you from the mental blocks and mindset hurdles distracting and distancing you from designing and driving your absolute best life.

It’s time to take control.

You want MORE. More momentum and clarity on your passion and purpose. More time with the people you love. More impact on your life and world.

You just don’t know:


to transform your vision into an actual definable, achievable strategy


anyone would invest in your latest and greatest idea, sure- you’re full of passion and purpose right now, but that fiery drive tends to fizzle out rather quickly.


steps you should take to, finally, transform your life. Long-term. Forever. No take-backs.

So... you just...

do nothing.

You settle for an okay life when you know there is a world-changing, life-altering, bold, beautiful purpose inside you. Not anymore. That ends today.

I work with individuals just like you to design, launch, and drive purposeful goals into real-life action to change lives and transform the world. When you work with an expert who translates your big dreams into sustainable, systematic steps, your transformation isn’t just possible — it’s inevitable.

It’s time to finally have your all.

Sherri is a determined woman who marks her work with excellence

When she has a goal she is driven and focused to see it to its completion. She has always been a source of encouragement to me and has been there whenever I’ve needed her. She has always spoken truth to me and helps me to see my blind spots. She has a generous kind heart that cares about others. I would highly recommend Sherri as a coach.

Megan Seymour













D.R.I.V.E. is the guiding force and benchmark that transforms your goals into reality and launches your dreams into action.


The D.R.I.V.E. is now the easy part.

Don’t worry about finding the motivation or mapping out your vision any longer. Defining, designing, and driving your ideal life is what I do.

You’ll gain confidence, clarity, and momentum while I take care of all those tricky, sticky spots that usually cause you to spin out, stall, or give up for good. And together, we will design and define a life you love—a life you’ve always wanted to lead.

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Sherri is a wealth of knowledge.

As a leader she is generous with her knowledge and constructively truthful
in her praise. As my coach she taught me to think outside the box and to listen to my heart whenever my head started over thinking things. She provides clarity in a loud world and has helped me tap into possibilities I never thought imaginable. She is one of the best in the business.

Sara Kelly

Work with me

design, launch, and drive purposeful goals into real-life action and finally live your dream life

You want more freedom, influence, and impact in your life and the world— and I’m here to guide your journey!

Hi, I’m Sherri! Life strategist, farm owner, and super mom.

I have designed, driven, and directed my ideal life even in the face of tragedies, difficulties, and setbacks- and I know you can too! My true gift lies in connecting your strengths, skills, and struggles straight into your proven success plan. You’ll be transforming your dreams into the DRIVE needed to see results and implement immediate action.

It’s time to ditch the gurus who promise it all within a one-size-fits-all package. Your dreams are just that – yours! Let’s work together on a proven, personal path, and plan of action.

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